5 Ways to Improve Family Relationships

By Carrie Duford
building family relationships my heart challenge

Only a little over half of Americans are satisfied with their family life, according to a recent Gallup Poll. This data isn’t surprising, as keeping your family together and happy can be hard at times. However, there are a few, simple things you can do to facilitate happy and healthy relationships in your family.

A Healthy Recipe for your Heart: Baked Mac and Cheese

By Kary Woodruff

Kids LOVE mac and cheese. But rather than whipping up what you find in a pre-packaged box, the following heart-healthy recipe will provide the taste of mac and cheese that kids enjoy, while providing the entire family with a hearty and heart healthy dinner.

Meet the Genovesi-Stidd Family - My Heart Challenge: Family Edition Competitors

By Jason M. Carlton, APR

The Genovesi-Stidd family share a few thoughts about the start of the journey to better heart health as the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute's My Heart Challenge: Family Edition continues.