Summer Sleep Tips

By Nathan Sato
Lady sleeping

Summer is a great time of year.  It’s hot, the days are long, and everyone wants to get out and play.  While our summer activities keep us busy, it’s not always the best time of year for sleeping.  The reasons for poor summer sleep are sometimes the same reasons that make summer great, it’s hot, the days are long and all we want to do is play. 

Video Game Addiction a Growing Health Problem for Men

By Intermountain Healthcare
Video Game Addiction a Growing Health Problem for Men

Video games are everywhere it seems, from apps on our phone to huge movie releases like this summer’s Warcraft. Gamers are everywhere too, and they’re not just stereotypical adolescent boys. As gaming becomes more prevalent, more and more adult men are becoming addicted to the rush of playing video games.

Catching ‘em All: “Pokéxercise” Gets People Going

By Lance Frazier

If you think you’ve noticed an increase in people walking around with their eyes glued to their phones in the past week or so, you’re not wrong. Thousands of people are using their smartphones to play Pokémon Go, the new location-based, augmented-reality mobile game, in which they seek out and capture Pokémon characters. The game was released July 6, and quickly became the most downloaded smartphone app in the United States.