How Firm a Foundation: Confronting ED

By Landon Hallman
Confronting Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Steps to Help

Erectile dysfunction (ED) rates in men are on the rise. Or would they technically be on the decline? You be the judge. Either way, this can be a hard – er, difficult – condition to talk about, as ED problems can come in many shapes and sizes. OK, now that the obligatory puns are out of the way, men need to take signs of ED seriously. According to HealthGrades, as many as 30 million men in the U.S. experience ED.

Gardening, Can You Dig It? How a Garden Can Help Your Mental Health

By Jentry Larsen

Planning on planting some blooms or veggies this summer? You may think that you are just helping to beautify your neighborhood (and your neighbors will thank you), but did you know there are mental health benefits that come with gardening?