Stanford Medicine and Intermountain Healthcare Strengthen Collaboration

By Intermountain Healthcare
Trans lab meeting

Stanford Medicine and Intermountain Healthcare have formed a new collaboration to support innovative projects in research, patient care and medical education. As a first part of the effort, Intermountain will provide a $1.25 million grant to Stanford Medicine to support clinical research projects, particularly in the areas of heart disease and cancer, as well as novel methods to improve health care delivery and clinician training.

Trials and Tender Mercies: Meet Dean Austin

By Bonnie Char Hallman

Meet Dean Austin.  After battling cancer in various parts of his body, including rare and highly aggressive Merkel Cell Carcinoma, countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation - genetic profiling and new treatment options are helping Austin.  His story and mix of medicine and faith. He calls his story “Trials and Tender Mercies”.  Dean Austin submitted this blog post from his personal history. We are honored to share it here. From the Intermountain Precision Genomics Team, we honor you, Dean Austin! Thank you for sharing your story!