Trials and Tender Mercies: Meet Dean Austin

By Bonnie Char Hallman

Meet Dean Austin.  After battling cancer in various parts of his body, including rare and highly aggressive Merkel Cell Carcinoma, countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation - genetic profiling and new treatment options are helping Austin.  His story and mix of medicine and faith. He calls his story “Trials and Tender Mercies”.  Dean Austin submitted this blog post from his personal history. We are honored to share it here. From the Intermountain Precision Genomics Team, we honor you, Dean Austin! Thank you for sharing your story!

New Hospital Designs Provide Improvements for Patients and Caregivers

By Janet Frank
Utah Valley Hospital Hospital Replacement Project

When healthcare systems invest in improving the physical design of their clinical spaces, the results are improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction and a lower long-term cost. That’s exactly what Intermountain Healthcare hopes to see with its capital improvement projects across its 22-hospital system.