What is Targeted Therapy?

By Bonnie Char Hallman
FB Cancer Pathway-4

Personalized medicine is helping people reap the benefits of targeted cancer therapies. A targeted therapy is a medication that can affect cells that no longer function properly (mutated). Healthy cells die when their work in the body is finished. Cancer cells have mutations that block the death signal and allow uncontrolled growth. Researchers are developing new targeted treatments to stop growth in mutated cancer cells. 

Check-In for Check-Ups: Why Regular Visits Are Worth It

By Intermountain Healthcare

Seeing the doctor always involves one question: “Is it worth it?” Every time one of my kids comes down with a cold, I think, “Will I be wasting my money? Does he really need that test?”

Today’s economic climate makes this internal financial debate even more complicated. High deductible health insurance plans, ever-changing coverage limitations, and rising visit and lab costs have decreased our access to healthcare. Perhaps we should be asking a different set of questions, though: “What are my healthcare goals? Overall, am I happy with my health?”

If you answered yes, great! If there’s some room to improve, here are a few suggestions for navigating the world of primary care.