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Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Status Is

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Status Is

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Status Is

Valentine’s Day, with all its sweet (and sort of sappy) traditions, comes around every year — whether we’re ready for it or not. Maybe you’re excited to express your affection for someone or perhaps you’re dreading that this holiday makes your lack of a partner ever so apparent. But whatever your relationship status, we’re here to help you approach Valentine’s Day with a positive attitude and a few custom cards to spread the love around.

Scroll to your section below for advice on enjoying the holiday. (And yes, you can fit into more than one category.)

I am...


There’s nothing wrong with being by yourself on Valentine’s Day, despite the overwhelming pressure from the media and possibly your nosey mother. Jokingly referred to as “Singles’ Awareness Day,” today can be a bit hard to deal with — especially for those who are freshly single. But here’s a short list of ways to refocus your energy and occupy your mind with more constructive thoughts:

  • Make a list of 10 things you like about yourself.
  • Cook yourself a delicious dinner and watch a ridiculous movie.
  • Hit the gym and get your sweat on for a healthy adrenaline buzz.
  • Take a drive outside of town and explore a new place.
  • Listen to an entire album from front to back with headphones.
  • Focus on friendship and hang out with a buddy.
  • Jump on your bike and discover new little nooks.

If you ever feel down about being single again, just print out this Valentine’s Day card and get motivated to focus on self-care instead.

(Click for full printable version)


Dating someone.

Whether you just started seeing each other or have been together for a while, it’s always a good idea to let your significant other know you care about them. And let’s be honest — sometimes that’s a bit easier to express in writing than face to face. Now’s your perfect chance to tell them (or remind them) why you chose them out of 7.5 billion other people in the world. We’ve started you off with a nice little poem, but it's up to you to add in your own message and really make it personal. Go get ’em, Romeo/Juliet!

(Click for full printable version)



First off, congratulations on finding your soul mate. Clearly you’ve vocalized how much you care about this person, otherwise you wouldn’t have tied the knot. Now’s the time to continue to show them how much you appreciate everything they do. You know how everyone has those little things they don’t like to do around the house? Make a list of your husband’s/wife’s least favorite chores and create coupons to do them yourself. You can also sprinkle in some extra effort activities like “go to lunch out of town” or leave it ambiguous like “try a hobby with you I normally wouldn’t attempt.” We’ll leave you with our handy-dandy card and blank coupons to let your inspiration flow.

(Click for full printable version)


A parent.

If you’re a parent, it’s that time of year again when your little one is expected to pass out cards and candy to all of their friends and classmates. Although some naysayers will argue it’s just a marketing ploy from greeting card companies, you can view it as a perfect opportunity to foster your child’s budding creativity. Instead of spending money on store-bought Valentine’s Day greetings, carve out some time for good old-fashioned arts and crafts! We’ve created a printable template to help them get started — all they’ll need is a handful of markers and maybe some construction paper, glue sticks and scissors (under your supervision) if you really want to get creative.

(Click for full printable version)


So wherever you are on love’s journey, we hope our suggestions and cards brighten your day and make it a little more special.