Changing Job Interviews, One Video at a Time

Job applicants may experience a new way to interview starting December 3.

Changing job interviews

Intermountain Healthcare has partnered with HireVue to provide a video interviewing platform to transform our hiring process. Starting December 3, 2108, we will use On Demand video interviews and live video interviews, which will be completed by using your computer or mobile device.

“There are several things I am excited about by implementing video interviewing,” says Bruce Dent, director of Talent Acquisition. “First, we’re using the latest technologies that are available to us. This helps us be more efficient with our selection processes and create a positive impression with our candidates and community as forward thinking, technologically progressive organization.”

How does video interviewing work?

After a job applicant fills out an application, they’ll receive an invitation to complete an On Demand video interview with pre-determined questions. When the video is completed, hiring managers then review the submission, make notes, and move identified candidates to the next round of interviews. This also means that if a qualified candidate lives somewhere other than Utah and is identified for an in-person interview, they can be invited to participate in a Live video interview.

“Video interviews will help us to quickly identify caregivers who align well with the mission, vision, and values of Intermountain Healthcare,” says Bruce. “This helps to strengthen our organization.”

What if you're camera shy?

You’re not alone. “It’s a bit awkward for me too,” says Bruce. “Interviews can be uncomfortable. However, if you have the opportunity to complete a video interview, just relax, be yourself, and take the opportunity to show us who you are and how you can further contribute to making Intermountain extraordinary.”

Any questions during your application process? Please contact the recruitment department at