Principals share their favorite way to exercise

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​In the contestants weekly report, we asked each of them to share their favorite way to get exercise throughout the day. 

"To get off my chair and walk. I was being hustled around the school Thursday night for Literacy Night and didn't feel winded. Yahoo!" - Ruth Peters, Peruvian Park Elementary

"My favorite thing to do is to get up early and go to the gym. If I try and put it off until after work, something invariably happens that makes it impossible for me to go." - Christy Waddell, Butler Elementary

"When I walk the halls, I try to walk briskly and take the long routes - unless I have an emergency or need to get somewhere quickly. When I sit at my desk, I tighten and release groups of muscles, or move a foot in circles." Karen Chatterton, Cottonwood Elementary

"I enjoy going to my basement and getting on the elliptical or treadmill and listen to my music or put on a movie to watch." - Brent Shaw, Canyon View Elementary

"I love getting out on the bike, but the weather has been less than ideal, and my spin class just finished up for the season. I also enjoy hiking, running, downhill skiing, backcountry skiing and skate skiing." - John Erlacher, Newman Elementary

"Walk quickly through the hallway to visit classes or walk around the playground at recess and watch or talk to students." - Tracy Rose, Twin Peaks Elementary

"Moving around the school and walking around the campus." - Mark Longe, St. Vincent de Paul School

"Walking throughout the school. Taking the "long" way when running errands. Taking a walk in my neighborhood in the evenings, and I use my treadmill for a few late-night runs." - Sally Sansom, East Midvale Elementary

Even 30 minutes of daily exercise is beneficial, according to experts at the Intermountain Heart Institute at Intermountain Medical Center.​ So get up. Get moving. Take the long route. Get healthy.