A Simple Tip to Eat Healthier at Work

051613 Eat Healthier Work

When you've headed to work with the thought of just buying something, then when lunch comes around you end up grabbing a slice of pizza or a sandwich out of a vending machine. Or maybe you stop by the local drive-thru and pick up a burger and fries. It’s probably something we find ourselves doing more often that we would like, but here’s a simple tip for eating healthier when you’re at work: Brown Bag It!

Here’s a few reasons why this simple change provides many benefits.

According to Eatingwell.com, Americans could save $1,375 a year if they packed their own lunches! Not only would you save money, but you tend to make healthier selections when you’re choosing foods from home. You can also avoid the distorted portion sizes often served at restaurants.

Not enough time in the morning to make a lunch? Pack up your healthy leftovers from the night before in an individual container so that it is all ready to grab in the morning.​