Firefighter David Larsen and the start of the My Heart Challenge


When I first heard about the Challenge I was intrigued by the opportunity being given to local area firefighters to improve their overall health, and the experience of learning about unhealthy behaviors and how to change for the better.

Before I applied there were a lot of thoughts and emotions running through my mind.  Worries about people and co-workers perceptions of me, worries about the process and my participation in the program, as well as honestly being a little scared of what the pre-screening tests would say about my current health.  But when I had a serious heart to heart with my own brain I realized one very important thing…  It’s my health and welfare that matters, nothing else.

I applied to the program and was genuinely excited when I received notification that I had been chosen to participate.  Attending the orientation and seeing familiar faces in the room made my worry and stress melt away.  I realized at that point that everything I was worried about weren’t just issues I was dealing with, but were probably things a lot of people in the room were facing as well.

After completing all of the pre-screening tests, I found that I was actually looking forward to getting started and couldn’t wait for the Kick Off.  I am eager to start attending the classes and gain knowledge that I know will help me change for the better.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I can’t wait to get started.

I will do my best to keep everyone aware of the process and my participation in the program.  I also plan on sharing any interesting ideas or insights throughout this process… whether good or bad.  My hope is that these posts may encourage others to make the choice to get started in a program, or to help those who might be struggling with similar problems I am facing.

Until next time…

David Larsen
South Salt Lake Fire Department