Firefighter outlines heart goals for the next 100 days


So the day has finally arrived. The start of the heart healthy challenge.

I decided to apply for this great opportunity because I really needed a kick in the right direction. I'm tired of feeling tired all the time. I may be almost 40, but I don't have to feel like it. Yeahhhhh!!! They picked me. What a great day it was to find out I was one of the 15 firefighters. 

Wow, so today we got our starting goodie bag. Hmmm. What fun stuff and information is in there I wondered. Well... it had my blood chemistries. Ouch, cholesterol 291. Lipids (the fat stuff) 410, others, yucky, and I'm too embarrassed to admit them! Oh geez I don't even want to tell you my weight or BMI! It's safe to say I need more then a little kick in the right direction!

Goals for these next 100 days

1.  Eat better and cleaner!

2.  Drop some weight!

3.  Move more!

4.  Feel better!

5.  Get those yucky blood chemistries down to a safe level!!!!

6.  Run a 5k without stopping!

I think my biggest challenge will be food!!! I love food!  As I write this my son is sitting next to me eating a cheeseburger, hmmmm. I ate a salad with tuna on top; it was actually quite yummy! I sprinkled ranch seasoning on top so I got a nice bit of flavor without the fat and only 12 calories. I think I'm going to try some new recipes of some of my favorite foods, but with a healthy twist. How does a cauliflower pizza crust sound???  I will let you know.

I look forward to this new adventure. The group that was selected are a bunch of characters and great people. I look forward to competing against them and hopefully coming out on top.