Real Life Scenario: Do you Take the Cookie?


You’re at a meeting at work, it’s 3 o’clock, and the cookie or dessert tray is being passed – what do you do?

a) Take a cookie, of course! The only decision here is if you go for a second…

b) Sit there for the entire hour meeting stressing about whether or not you should have the cookie.  You end the meeting having no idea what the meeting actually was about, and on your way out end up grabbing a cookie because you can’t resist

c) Eat your strawberry nonfat yogurt, feel satisfied, and participate in the engaging meeting you’re attending (well, ideally speaking)

The answer is C. 

Here’s a tip – if you arm yourself with healthy and satisfying snacks, you will be much less tempted to snack on other treats lying around the home or office. So be sure to have healthy options available – pack & plan accordingly!