Tips to Help You Get Through the Wall to Better Health


Simple. Just do it. There will be days and even weeks where you feel like you aren't making progress. Yes it will be discouraging. Yes you will feel like giving up. But the satisfaction you will feel by not giving up will be amazing once you do punch through that wall. This is one of my favorite quotes: "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret" -VNV Nation (Jeremy)

It's been easy making healthier choices, but staying motivated gets harder each week. I feel like I'm not as supported as I was in the beginning by others, but I have a couple of friends who let me know how proud and supportive they are of me. That really helps when I'm having a bad day, or bad week (like last week), to know that someone is there for me. (Tiffany)

If you hit a wall is to treat yourself to something to get you motivated again. Sometimes that can be a new workout outfit. Also if you need to mix it up a little change your routine... Confuse your body. (Amanda)

Go beyond “average”, it becomes easier as you go!  If you keep doing the same things as you have, then don’t expect change! You have to make yourself move out of your “average “ and increase the number of steps a day, don’t eat that donut…whatever it is that you would normally do…stop doing that and practice being above average until that becomes your new “average” then change again! (James)

It is hard work to change your eating habits.  But, I know my husband and I are thinking of it as a life style change.  Not a diet.  I have been eating whatever I wanted for 60 years, then one day you realize that you need to make is hard.  But, I feel so much better this past year since we have taken the challenge to eat more healthy.  And since I have started this challenge, it has even been better. The times that I get discouraged, I have to remind myself that it took me a long time to get into the shape I am in now.  It is not going to reverse in a few weeks.  I just need to be patient and keep reminding myself to only eat those things and are good for my body, and get my exercise in each day.   Writing down everything that goes into your mouth, really helps me I really want to write that down?  
Our kids and Grandkids are all excited for us (my husband and I) that we are getting into a better shape. This spring I challenged one of the Grandsons to do the Triathlon in St George this fall with me, he said he would.  And I am now training for 2 Triathlons this fall.  I have never felt better! (Cindy)

My advice to anyone who feels as though they have "hit the wall" is to take a step back, look how far they've already come, take a deep breath, keep focused and change things up.  If you walk, try an elliptical.  If you ride a stationary bike, try riding hills or intervals.  Basically, do something you don't normally do for exercise.  Most of the time when you've hit that wall, it's because your body has gotten used to the exercises you do on a regular basis, so you need to change the way your using your muscles.  Most importantly, don't give up! (Maureen)

Making lifestyle changes is tough work, and sometimes it can feel like you have hit a wall. What advice would you offer to people who feel like they have hit that wall, but want to keep going? It is kind of funny that this is the question this week because I feel like I have hit a wall (sort of speak). This week was the one year angelversary of my niece Tayla who was killed last May in a car accident and I found this week to be really hard to stay of track and because of this I have gained weight a lot this week so now I feel like I have hit a wall. My advice to anyone that feels like they have hit a wall is just to not give up!! Just keep trying and with a lot of patience and determination soon that wall will crumble and fall down. I would also advice that they find a buddy to work with someone who can help encourage them and help them continue to be motivated so that they can continue to be successful. (Korianne)

Change up your routine. Try researching new and fun ways to create healthy meals, try doing different kinds of exercising like going for a bike ride with your family or taking a fun dance class. Keep adding in new activities and changing up the way to do things will allow you to over come any wall you may hit. (Korby)

My advice is just keep moving!  Eventually things will get better. (Emily)

I feel like I have hit a wall  I am doing more activity but I am not loosing weight. I am trying to figure out what works best for me. I guess the answer would be to keep trying. (Margaret)

I would say everyday is a new beginning, life is always changing and will always have challenges. We need to get up every morning with the courage to take on this day, if we fall down we need to get up brush it off and make the choice to not make the same mistakes. I will be the first person to admit it's easier said than done but I also know I'm the only person who has control over my life and my choices. Good luck to all of you in your life journeys. (Neva)