Distracted Eating is Bad for You: Don't Do It

Distracted Eating

We are probably all guilty of turning on the TV as we sit down for dinner, either to catch our favorite show or a sporting event that we just can't miss. Regardless of why you do it, there is an impact when it comes to eating healthy, so I offer this simple advice: Don’t eat in front of the TV/computer/other electronics!

Eating when we are distracted, such as when we are on our electronics, means that we are more likely to overeat. This is because we are not paying attention to our hunger and our fullness levels. We're paying more attention to what we are watching or doing, than when our body is saying its full. 

It may sound simple, but if you've formed a habit of distracted eating, it might be hard to break. Next time you sit down to eat a meal (or even a snack), take a 10-minute break to enjoy your food! You will most likely end up being more productive after taking a break and will avoid the pitfalls of mindless eating.