My Heart Challenge Contestant Update


Here are a few thoughts shared by some of the contestants in a recent weekly report. 

"I have lost weight since the beginning of April. I feel more comfortable in general. I am getting compliments about how much healthier I look. I have more energy every day. I’m still having some challenges with my exercising." - Jason S.

"I’ve noticed that I’m thinking about my snacks rather than just reaching for whatever’s most convenient at the time. I’ve started working far more fruits and vegetables into my diet beyond the dinners that Nicole has always been good at. I have also lost weight." - Kevin T.

"The foods I’ve craved have changed. I love vegetables more than before." - Nicole T.

"My knee doesn't bother me as much. I'm thinking it is from the strength training I've been doing." - Shasta P.

"The desire to get out and move, not just sit around." - Justin M.

"I don't crave sweets as often." - Charity M.

"Better eating habits." - Ford M.