Intermountain Healthcare Researchers Selected to Participate in the Vice President’s Clinical & Translational (VPCAT) Research Scholars Program

By Susan Gagnier

As part of Intermountain Healthcare Senior Leadership’s efforts to invest in clinical investigation, the Intermountain Office of Research (OoR) has identified the training and mentoring of junior investigators as a high priority. These activities are imperative for advancing the standard of care for patients and align with Intermountain Healthcare’s vision of embedding research into the clinical care programs. The first step in this process had been to form a partnership with the University of Utah for the VPCAT Research Scholars Program. The VPCAT Research Scholars Program is designed to offer intensive mentorship and support to junior investigators committed to careers in clinical or translational research.

What is Targeted Therapy?

By Bonnie Char Hallman
FB Cancer Pathway-4

Personalized medicine is helping people reap the benefits of targeted cancer therapies. A targeted therapy is a medication that can affect cells that no longer function properly (mutated). Healthy cells die when their work in the body is finished. Cancer cells have mutations that block the death signal and allow uncontrolled growth. Researchers are developing new targeted treatments to stop growth in mutated cancer cells.