Back-to-School Diabetes Checklist

back-to-school diabetes checklist

The best strategy in sending your child with diabetes to school is being prepared. Use our “school list” to check if you are prepared for school.

  1. Do you know your child’s rights? There are federal laws that protect your child against discrimination at school. Familiarize yourself with them here.
  2. Have you contacted your school? Discuss with your school how they can assist your child with diabetes management while at school. You will want to give them the following documents:

    Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP)
    This document will be developed by you and your child’s health care team. It will address your child’s health care needs including how often to check blood glucose, medication to be given, and what your child can do on their own.

    Sample DMMP
    DMMP Form

    504 Plan or Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    This document will explain the expectations of school staff and who would interact to help your child manage their diabetes at school, on field trips, and other school activities. 

    Sample ADA 504 plan

    Quick Reference Emergency Plan
    A simple plan on how to recognize and treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and your emergency contact information. 

    Sample Quick Reference
    Low Blood Sugar Quick Reference

  3. Does your child have a “low box”? Provide a box for your child’s classroom and one for the nurse’s office that contains snacks and glucagon.
  4. Are you available? Be a resource to the school staff and be available to answer their questions. Let them know the best way to contact you.
  5. Does your child have confidence? Provide opportunities at home to teach your child to manage their diabetes as much as they can at home with your help.

Making sure you, your child, and your school are prepared will help you rest easy and enjoy the new school year, too.