8 Ways to Grow Your Child's Love of Reading


Here are 8 tips for creating a reading routine with your kids, from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Pick a place and time to read together every day, such as bedtime.
  • Let kids chose their own books, when they’re old enough.
  • Read with emotion and use facial expressions, which liven up the story and convey your own love of reading.
  • Don’t stress about kids being rough with their books. If your young child chews on them, choose sturdy ones!
  • Talk about the story. Ask your child about the emotions characters are experiencing and why they make the choices they do, as well as what she predicts will happen.
  • Let your child finish sentences you are reading, such as “The duck said ___.”
  • Be patient if your child wants to read the same book over and over. Indulge his love of the story!
  • Remember that your child may have a short attention span, and keep reading every day even if she can’t pay attention for long.

As you and your child read together, you’ll develop a stronger bond as well. This time together will help your child become an emotionally balanced and successful adult who continues to grow from his deep love of reading.

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