Mom Talk: What are your favorite games to play with your kids?


Advice from Intermountain Moms:

  1. Let them exercise their imaginations by playing pretend. Here are what some Intermountain Moms have said:
    • “With my oldest, we had a game called ‘farm animals and hurricanes’ where we’d set up the farm toys, and he’d destroy it all as the hurricane. Then he’d swoop in and save all the animals. I loved it!” – SueAnn M.
    • “I love playing ‘kitchen’ with my preschooler – either the real thing, by letting her ‘help’ me cook (great way to practice counting skills), or by pretending to eat what she cooks for me in her play kitchen.” – Azya G.
    • “Airplane! When they pretend to be an airplane on my legs. I get exercise and we love it!!” – Erin G.
    • “We love playing with dollies, which has been great in preparing for a new baby to be here soon.” – Trista M.
  2. Build new creations with Legos, blocks, or Jenga pieces
  3. Create artistic masterpieces with finger paints, play dough, or even shaving cream
  4. Have fun with sing-song games like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or musical instruments
    • “My brother is in a local band called Breezeway, and my son has from the moment he was born loved to listen to them play but also play the guitar and drums with them. He has his own little drum set and guitar. He will sit on the floor with his sound blocking headphones (we use for him when we are at gigs) and jam out. Sometimes he even sings!! If we are out on the town and no guitar or drums are available, he likes us to play music on our phones so he can head bang to the beat. He is 19 months old.” – Melissa C.
  5. Simple games like patty cake and peek-a-boo are perfect for your very little ones. Even counting can be fun.
    • “My daughter loves counting. Mind you it’s more mommy counting, but she thinks it’s amazing.” – Mariah S.
  6. Be active! Play hide and seek or tag outside, put some music on and throw a dance party, or toss around a ball. You never know what talents your kids my have.
    • “We have a little basketball hoop, and for a 16-month-old, he has a pretty good and accurate shot! We also have a little football, and 7/10 throws are a perfect spiral.” – Heidi P.
  7. Be silly and have a good laugh. Many Intermountain Moms agree the “tickle monster” is perfect for this.
  8. Card Games: Matching games and quick card games are fun for many ages.
    • “My kids and I are into card games these days. Ages 2, 6, and 8. When the youngest plays, we stick with Uno because it’s his favorite. The older ones also like Phase Ten and Skip-Bo. I love that it teaches them to take turns and to be a good sport (because I never go easy on them and still rarely win). They are practicing numbers, colors, and so much more!” – Cassandra L.
    • “My 4-year-old loves card games, especially war because it’s easy and is a good way for her to recognize numbers and teaches her where they are in relation to each others.” – Brooke S.
  9. Board Games: Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Operation are all favorites of Intermountain Moms!



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