8 Ways to Prepare Your Babysitter for Anything

Babysitter Classes

It’s crucial for your comfort to find the right babysitter and make sure the sitter can be entrusted with your child. 

When you're looking for a babysitter, give yourself enough time to be selective. You should:

  • Look for a sitter within your circle of friends, church, or community.
  • Look for someone who already works with children.
  • Always check references.

Here are 8 ways to make sure your babysitter is ready for anything:

  1. Recommend babysitter training to make sure they’re ready for any situation, including what to do if a child begins to choke. McKay-Dee Hospital and Logan Regional Hospital  offer these classes.
  2. Contact the sitter’s parents to understand how they’ll handle the responsibility.
  3. Make "house rules" around TV watching, visitors, telephone use, and taking your child outside.
  4. Share list of food and other allergies your kids may have.
  5. Take time to give a tour of your home and indicate how everything works.
  6. Ensure your home has first aid supplies and kid-safe cupboards, doors, etc. 
  7. Provide an emergency checklist: 
    • Family name:
    • Phone number:
    • Address:
    • Children's names and ages:
    • Phone number where parent or guardian will be:
    • Cellular phone numbers:
    • Neighbor's name and phone number:
    • Local emergency phone number:
    • Doctor's name:
    • Doctor's phone number:
    • Poison control center:
    • Police:
    • Fire department:
    • What time you will be home:
    • Take time to let go and have fun. Parent time is very important – have fun and maybe only check-in once.

Taking the time to find the right sitter will allow you to enjoy your out-of-home activity with minimal worries about your child.