Tips for First Time Nursing Moms


It will be a challenge at first

Instead of sugar coating what it is like to nurse for the first time, it is best to look at it for what it is. Getting the hang of nursing, at first, is a challenge. It is not an impossible challenge, but it does take some work.

Work on the latch

Most people will tell you that the most important part of nursing is the latch and they are right. Working on the right latch will help your nursing relationship last much longer. If you aren’t sure about the right latch, you can have a lactation consultant check on the latch. Here is a good resource to see what latching looks like and ways to get into a comfortable, effective position. If you are solely nursing with just the nipple, then it will get uncomfortable really quickly.

Do what feels right to you

When you are nursing a baby for the first time, position is everything. It may feel weird, but you can still make yourself feel comfortable. For example, some larger breasted women feel more comfortable nursing from the football position. Find a nursing position that works best for you.

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Try not to take advice from too many people

When you are trying to nurse for the first time, it can be overwhelming to get advice from every single person you know. You can ask as many people as you want, but it is best to talk to a professional lactation consultant or at least an experienced nursing mother who can help you walk through this process.

Set mini goals for your nursing journey

The really cool thing about nursing is that this is your journey. If you want to make a goal of nursing your baby to two years, that is great! Maybe you first mini goal is to get through the first six weeks. After you have reached that milestone, it’s time to make a new goal of six months. You make the goal that works best for you and your baby! I personally found mini goals very rewarding.

Have confidence in yourself

When you are a first time nursing mom, it can be hard to have confidence in what you are doing. Change that! Tell yourself that you can do this and you are equipped to do it. Look for ways to build your confidence. My advice is to keep telling yourself you can do it and join groups of likeminded women. Stay away from negativity and know that you can do this!

These are just tips to keep in mind as a nursing mom. You are going to be entering your own journey with your nursing baby. Keep these tips close to your heart, but listen to your instincts. You got this and your baby will thank you for your hard work and determination.