Proper Use of Cooking Oils

As February comes to an end, so ends the celebration of heart month; however improving our diet and cooking habits for our heart should be a focus throughout the year, not end with February. 

Most people know the basic heart healthy diet recommendations but feel 
intimated when it comes to the kitchen to make those necessary changes. While doing some research for National Nutrition Month, I came across an informative slide show on oils created by the Academy of food and nutrition (formerly American Dietetic Association). 

I really like this slide show because it talks about different types of oils that are sold in the grocery store, how to use them correctly and what types of foods they work well with. What a great idea! Oils are a great way to get healthy fat in our diet and can really benefit our hearts. Bored with the same old salad dressings? Want a creative way to spruce up your vegetables? 

Check out the slide show below to learn more about these exciting oils. National Nutrition month is coming up next month and the theme is Eat Right Your Way Every Day! What a great way to start an early celebration by branching out and trying something new.