Stop sign 700

​On a recent trip I met Gina, the GPS voice. She was extremely helpful in guiding me through unfamiliar hills, highways and back roads. However, I dreaded when she would pause and calmly state, “recalculating” because it meant I’d made a wrong turn. In my mind, I heard her tell me: Are you kidding! You are so dumb! Why don’t you listen to me? I’m always right!! You are a terrible driver.” When a friend reminded that Gina is just a computer, I realized it was my own voice screaming at me! Gina was simply figuring out how to help me continue to move forward and reconnect with the right road.

Gina, the GPS voice, taught me an important lesson. When I make a wrong turn in life, it is much more productive to pause, then begin recalculating. “Recalculating” means you continue to move forward while you tweak and get back on track. Stopping to yell at yourself (or others) or forging onward in the wrong direction just ruins the trip. So if you hear me now pause and calmly say, “recalculating” you’ll know I’ve messed up, but I’m practicing to be like Gina!

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