Mindless Eating

mindless 20eating

​We overeat because the way we eat does not satisfy us. We overeat when we eat mindlessly. Mindless eating occurs when we suppress or override our own natural biological responses to know why, when, what, how to eat with other circumstantial, social or emotional stimulus.

We are not paying attention when we eat mindlessly. We ignore the smell, taste and feel of food and the miss out on the greatest pleasures of the eating experience. It is as though these sensations do not exist. Consequently, we lose the connection with our biological processes and lead us to healthy eating practices. We become numb to the natural cues related to the eating. We are unable to use hunger and fullness to guide us resulting in an unsatisfied eating experience. Mindful eating allows us to be fully satisfied with the food we eat. Being highly aware of sensations of eating, engages both our physical and emotional senses.   

If you are struggling with managing your weight, learn more about the growing body of scientific evidence showing the effectiveness of mindful eating and weight management. Schedule an appointment with the Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist at the LiVe Well Center to learn more about how to eat mindfully.