Snowmobiling Safety Tips

snowmobiling safety tips

  • Carry a first aid kit and an emergency survival kit.
  • Ensure that children wear a helmet - parents should too. Most places have laws with respect to helmets on snowmobiles.
  • Maintain control and never go too fast.
  • Leave an itinerary with someone so they know where you are going and when you are expected back.
  • Keep a trail map with you and know where you are. Stay on marked trails.
  • Be aware of the snow conditions and avalanche warnings.
  • Make sure the equipment is well maintained and appropriate for the age and ability of the user. Courses are available to learn safe operating procedures for snowmobiles.
  • Snowmobilers can suffer hearing loss from excess engine noise. Limit children's exposure to this noise.
  • Ensure children do not touch hot surfaces on machines and keep them away from gasoline and other chemicals.
  • Never take children on frozen lakes and rivers. Watch for hazards such as tree stumps, fences, and crossing other trails. Proceed at a safe speed and use caution on unfamiliar trails.
  • Consider pagers and a cell phone (keep them inside your jacket so the battery is kept warm).
  • Snowmobiles should not be used to tow a tie, tub, sled, or saucer. Only specifically designed tow carts should be used.
  • Never snowmobile alone.
  • Avoid scarves, loose clothing, and tie up long hair that can get caught on trees or in equipment.
  • Ensure children are well away when loading and unloading machines.