6 Tips for a Safer Summer


As one of only two Level 1 trauma centers in the state, Intermountain Medical Center's Trauma Program sees some of the most critically injured patients and has a specialized team on-hand to provide the necessary care - regardless of who comes through the doors.

Here are six things you can do this summer to protect yourself and others from injuries.

  1. Always wear a helmet when engaged in bicycling, ATVs, motorcycles, skateboarding, roller blading, etc. That goes for people of all ages, not just children.
  2. The mountain streams and rivers are running high, fast and cold. If you take your family to Utah's beautiful landscape, be sure and stay away from these fast-moving rivers and streams.
  3. Be prepared for wherever you're going. Too many people don't bring enough water with them when they head out into the mountains, or they don't plan on the cold nighttime weather. Regardless of where you are going, know what conditions to expect and plan accordingly.
  4. Many people hit the road for Memorial Day Weekend and throughout the summer. If you're in the car, ALWAYS wear your seat belt. It doesn't matter if you're going as far as the grocery story of Miami Beach, everyone in the vehicle needs to be properly buckled up, including those in car seats and booster seats.
  5. Kids are going to be getting out of school soon, which means there will be more kids playing outside. Any time you are driving through a neighborhood, or even backing out of your own driveway, be attentive of kids who are outside playing.
  6. With the warmer weather, there are going to be more motorcycles on the roads. It's important for them to wear helmets, but also for other motorists to be aware of motorcyclists on the roads and freeways.

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