Busting Through Your Next Plateau

Beat the plateau

  1. Track your nutrition. This one always gets a few groans, but the truth is that in a lot of cases people underestimate their calorie intake. Account for every meal, snack and beverage for at least a week and see where there is room for improvement.
  2. Tweak your workouts. It is a common mistake to always do the same routine. Your body adapts to changes fairly rapidly so when it gets used to a load, it needs a new type of load. You can look at changing the exercise itself (there are multiple ways to work each muscle group) or use the acronym FIT (frequency, intensity, time) and manipulate one variable at a time.
  3. Be active on your rest days. This doesn’t mean to get in another day at the gym, but it might be fun to use this as a day for tracking your steps. Compete with yourself and try to improve your number each rest day. Steps equal calories burned and can be the small change needed to overcome your plateau.
  4. Tell a friend about your fitness goals. That friend can be a person that holds your feet to the fire. When you share your goals, you know someone is watching to see if you succeed or fail. That can be a powerful motivator.  

Be diligent in your process. Know that small changes can mean big dividends in the end.  At the LiVe Well Center – Salt Lake, we help many of our patients push through their plateau through a variety of services we provide, such as knowing their resting calorie intake, strength training assessments or ways to change up exercise routines.  If you’re in a rut or don’t know where to begin – give us a call.