Winter Holiday Fire Safety

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The holiday season is a busy and exciting time. There are holiday parties to throw, gifts to buy, tinsel to gather, and homes to decorate. And while decorating creates a festive spirit there can also be hidden dangers. Winter is the peak season for home fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, between the years of 2007-2011, Christmas tree fires contributed to 27 deaths and/or injuries and caused over 18 million dollars in damage. Holiday lights were to blame for 150 fires, contributed to 25 deaths and/or injuries, and cost around 8.4 million dollars in damage.

Here are some tips from the Department of Fire Services to keep your holidays safe.

Light Safety

  • Unplug all lights when going to bed or leaving
  • Check all lights for damage (frayed wires, broken plugs, etc)
  • Don’t overload an outlet
  • Don’t use candles on trees or other flammable decorations
  • Don’t leave burning candles unattended
  • Keep candles and matches out reach of children
  • Always buy appropriate weatherproof lights

Tree Safety

  • Don’t use real candles as decorations
  • Keep trees away from heat
  • Water a cut tree daily
  • Use a non-tip style tree stand
  • Use decorations that are fire retardant
  • Don’t leave a lit tree unattended
  • Dispose of your tree, before the needles begin to dry out
  • Never hang lights on a metallic tree