Winter Sports Safety

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Sledding Safety

 Make sure you have a sturdy sled that you can steer. Never use homemade sleds like garbage can lids, plastic bags, or pool floats. Never use a sled with sharp edges or broken parts. These can be very dangerous and cause you to lose control. Make sure the sledding hill you choose is covered with packed snow, isn’t too steep, isn’t covered with ice, and does not end close to roads or cars. The hill you choose should be clear of trees, bushes, and other obstacles. Make sure to always sled during the day in well-lit areas. If you are sledding with a friend, make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit of the sled. When you are sledding make sure to wear a bike helmet to protect your head.  Always make sure that you are sitting on the sled. Do not lie down.

Skiing and Snowboarding Safety

Make sure to have appropriate equipment that fits. Ill-fitting equipment such as boots and bindings can cause loss of control, resulting in injuries. It is also important to have the appropriate protective gear. Helmets are essential to protect against head injuries, and goggles provide necessary eye protection. It is also a good idea to take a skiing or snowboarding lesson in order to prevent injuries.

Remember to stay warm and have a fun and injury free winter!