LiVe Well with Nurse Julie: How Can I Raise My Energy Level?


You recognize the importance of being active; you want to make it a priority in your life. You set a goal to exercise in the evenings, but after a long day of work and other obligations you are just too tired to follow through. You put off exercise for another day and continually feel like your energy level is low.

This dilemma is very common and one that I am asked about often. Watch this video I made to learn tips on how to get your energy level up!


Before you start working up a solution to your low-energy problem, it is very important to first understand why your energy level may be low. This simple three-step process can point you in the right direction, making developing a solution easier.

1.       Rethink Your Day: Ask yourself the key question, “Why am I tired?” Then take the time to ponder the answer. Perhaps you do not regularly get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Or maybe its simply because you’re not exercising.

2.       Evaluate Barriers: Think about what your barriers are to getting regular exercise. If it is just time, carve out that time. Weigh the pros and cons of your daily activities and decide what is most important and beneficial to you.

3.       Identify Benefits: Try to identify the benefits that you feel when you do exercise. For example, when you exercise your body releases natural endorphins that battle fatigue and give you self-sustaining energy throughout the day.

When you take time for these steps you start to better understand your own needs. This understanding can help you create a personal plan-of-action that will give you the energy boost you need!

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