Summer Safety ATV and Helmet tips



  • Wear a helmet no matter what speed you are traveling if you are biking, skate boarding, roller blading, etc. A fall at any speed can cause a severe head injury
  • Make sure your helmet is ANSI or SNELL label certifying it is safe
  • A snug fitting helmet is the best
  • There should be a one finger width between the chin strap and the child’s chin
  • Remember helmets for skateboarding, long boarding, riding a scooter, and biking!

ATV Safety

  • A child’s risk of being hospitalized from riding an off-highway vehicle is 1,000 times greater than riding in a car.
  • Intermountain West has the 4th highest traumatic brain injury hospitalization rate in the country for children ages 5-14.  About 7% of those involve ATV accidents.
  • Only 58% of Utahns report wearing a helmet while riding an ATV
  • Only 38% or Utah children whose parents own an ATV have taken a training course. SO…..
  • Get certified!  Here is the link to access the ATV certification info: it is illegal for children under 16 to drive on public roads without certification.

Help kids control their ride: Remember these tips:

  • right-sized ATV
  •  stay off paved roads
  •  ride alone
  • Head to Toe safety gear is a must when ATV riding. The “swag” including full protective helmet with faceguard, goggles and protective clothing is better than the swag including a neck brace, bandages and a brain injury.