Rise and Shine: Good Morning Habits to Start Your Day Right


Rise and shine! From hitting the snooze button incessantly to running late, a “good morning” can turn sour real quick. Let’s change that! Below are some early morning habits that can jump-start your day and make it great!

1.      Don’t hit that snooze button! Get out of bed and get going as soon as your alarm goes off. This will make it so you won’t feel as groggy. Try not to be tempted to jump back under the covers!
2.      Commit to a morning routine/plan of action. Plan out your day the night before! Make a list of things that need to be done and make a plan of action.
3.      Prioritize. Look at tomorrow’s plan and prioritize your tasks. If you’re feeling motivated in the AM, knock out your most dreaded task first so the rest of the day doesn’t drag on.
4.      Eat breakfast. Do we have to tell you twice?
5.      Substitute tea for coffee. Green tea has antioxidants and the caffeine you need to jumpstart your morning. If coffee is more your style, wait an hour or two before your first cup.
6.      Listen to music. Turn on your favorite playlist and get motivated for the day!
7.      Hydrate! Drink a cup or two of water before you head out, it works wonders. 16 oz. of water will kickstart your metabolism, rehydrate you, and flush out toxins.
8.      Take a shower. A morning shower can leave you awake and refreshed, ready to start the day.
9.      Get active! Stretch and try to get a workout in (even if it’s just 15 minutes!) before you leave for the day. Some morning exercise will help you feel energized and focused.
10.   Stay ahead of schedule. Give yourself time to get ready so you don’t feel stressed or rushed. Check your emails and phone so you can plan for the day accordingly.
11.   Don’t eat right before bedtime. Going to bed full can result in restless sleep and lethargic mornings.
12.   Turn off electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The lights from your iPhone or TV can make your brain think its daytime, making it hard for you to fall asleep.

13.   Get some ZZZ’s. Have something on your mind? Keep a notebook on your nightstand and write it down! This will help with the bedtime stress and calm your mind racing thoughts.

Stay on track with this schedule throughout the week and try not to stray away from the routine on the weekends -- you’ll thank yourself Monday morning! Have some extra time in your new morning routine? Put your brain to work with a crossword or Sudoku puzzle! Still not a morning person? Lay out your