I'm Not "Weighting" for the Holidays


We’ve all heard the hints for avoiding those few extra pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year:

  • Don’t go to the parties hungry
  • Bring a plate of fresh vegetables with low-fat dip
  • Stay out of the kitchen unless you are the cook
  • Focus on friends not food (oh, that one is always true!)

Are there any new approaches to holiday eating? Yes, there are!  As you plan your holiday season, keep in mind these newer ideas: 

  • Have a hearty breakfast before hitting the mall; be sure to have a good source of protein and fiber, with minimal added sugar (try Greek nonfat yogurt with fresh fruit and a slice or two of whole grain toast).
  • If a full day of shopping is planned, bring your lunch or 2-3 mini-meals, and eat them! Again, focus on a good protein source and some fiber-containing foods.  You will be less tempted by the Food Court.  (you will no doubt be making several trips to your car, so no need to carry the meals with you).
  • Of course, stay hydrated while you shop-water works best.
  • Wear snug, not tight, pants and flats, maybe even tennis shoes. You will be able to move efficiently.
  • At parties, survey the buffet then wait about 20 minutes before serving yourself.  That urge to eat upon arrival will pass and you will be more likely to choose wisely. Approach the buffet with the idea of sampling, not stuffing.
  • Lastly, dress SEXY! Do not wear a sweats or super loose clothes to the parties. Dress in a snug but classy outfit.
  • Carry a clutch, not a shoulder bag; at least one of your hands will be occupied.

Take time to enjoy the Holidays!

Over the next 6 weeks, only 3 days are Holidays; celebration on those days will not cause diet demise.