Get Outside: Fall Hiking in Utah


Crystal Lake: Situated high in the rugged Uinta Mountains, Crystal Lake is an easy walk for hikers just looking to get out and enjoy the scenery without too much effort. With other popular trails branching off in several directions from the trailhead, Crystal Lake is often overlooked, making it a great spot even on a busy weekend. The trail has some short slopes and loose, uneven surfaces, but is suitable for hikers of all skill levels.

Salt Lake Valley Overlook: This hike follows the Desolation Trail to a rock outcropping along a ridge in Millcreek Canyon, offering hikers fantastic views of the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. The trail climbs gradually up a long series of switchbacks as it gains nearly 1,300 feet in about 2.5 miles one way. This hike is suitable for most healthy adults and kids; however, younger children may find it a bit long.

Lake Blanche: Located high in the mountains above Salt Lake City, Lake Blanche sits in a picturesque basin filled with alpine lakes and surrounded by towering rocky peaks. At just over 3 miles one-way, this hike isn’t overly long, but it is quite strenuous as it climbs a staggering 2,700 up the steep, rugged trail.

Island Lake: This moderately difficult hike passes by several beautiful lakes and offers more adventurous hikers the possibility to explore many lakes within a relatively short distance. This hike can be done as a long day hike or an overnight backpacking trip. Due to the significant elevation change crossing over Watson Pass, this hike is best suited for hikers in good physical condition and children with some experience.

The fall leaves are reason enough to get out and hike! Want more healthy hikes? Download our Health Hub app or visit our Healthy Hikes Homepage! Time to get outside!