New Video Works to Combat the Opioid Epidemic


The six-minute video provides important information about the risks and benefits of opioid medications. It highlights potential opioid side-effects and explains the benefits of Naloxone, a life-saving medication that counters opioid overdose. It also shares the true story of an amputee patient who worked with his physician to successfully manage his chronic pain without opioids after years of opioid therapy.

The video talks common side effects of opioids, alternative pain relieving methods including meditation and physical therapy, steps to avoid an overdose, and questions to ask your doctor on if you need the opioids to begin with.

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The video is part of Intermountain’s effort to reduce the growing problem of opioid-related addiction and resulting deaths in the United States — and in Utah. The health system’s approach works on reducing the number of opioid prescriptions be written as well.

Intermountain also partners with community leaders, public safety entities, and health organizations on several opioid community programs. One example is the program Use Only As Directed. The initiative educates the public on safe storage and disposal of medications, including medications drop boxes. Intermountain pharmacies have drop boxes and have seen 11,000 tons pounds of medications turned in by the public in under two years.