How I LiVe Well: Meghan Saunders


It was easy, I heard about rowing, I went to the Great Salt Lake learn to row day and there was no looking back.

Once I gave rowing a try, I was instantly hooked. I've never loved running, (unless it involves a soccer ball) but was always looking for a good aerobic outlet. Rowing proved to be an incredible full body workout, full of technique and skill, with little impact on my body. Because of its low impact nature, it’s a sport I can continue doing as I age and that’s very important to me.

Rowing not only is it a great workout, but a great community. I've met friends with a variety of backgrounds through rowing. And as I have traveled for work and pleasure, I've reached out to and joined rowing clubs in those places, allowing me to row in different parts of the globe.

Through rowing, I get a great workout whilst being able to meet new people, see new places, enjoy nature, relax and rejuvenate. For me a new love was taking a chance on whim to learn something new - it’s helped me live well in the most complete sense.  

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