Fall Yard Cleanup Ideas for the Whole Family

Fall Yard Cleanup Ideas for the Whole Family

As colder weather sets in, your yard needs attention to keep it in top shape. But instead of tackling all your yard cleanup chores alone, take the opportunity to involve your entire family. Getting everyone (even your little kids) involved will help you bond, get you outdoors into the fresh air, and give your family something special to accomplish together. Set aside time this season to do these fall cleanup chores with your family:

Prepare your vegetable garden

If your family has a garden, it will need some extra care. You'll need to clear out weeds and old vegetable plants. Outfit your kids with gloves and have them start pulling weeds. Make it a contest to see who can pull out the most. Then use grass clippings, manure, or fallen leaves to add nutrients to your soil. Once your soil is ready, recruit your kids to help you plant garlic bulbs (which will come up in the spring).

Trim flower beds

Fall is a great time to prepare flowers to bloom next spring. Give your older kids small pruning shears and let them trim back spent perennials. Plant tulip and daffodil bulbs for an extra pop of spring color. Involve your kids by having them dig the holes and place each bulb. They'll love knowing they helped when the bulbs bloom in the spring.

Rake leaves

Raking leaves might sound like a chore to you, but for your kids it can be an autumn highlight. Work together to gather piles of leaves. Let your kids get messy and jump in them a few times. When everyone's tired, gather the leaves into leaf bags. Choose leaf bags in different colors for a fun addition to your yard - kids will love this. No matter what you do, make sure everyone works together. It's pretty hard to hold a bag by yourself while trying to dump leaves into it. Your kids can be a big help.

Gather up summer toys

Every yard accumulates toys, tools, bikes, and patio furniture throughout the summer. Autumn is the time to put everything away so your summer items don't get ruined. Assign your kids to gather up all of their pool and summer toys into a pile. Gather up (or cover) patio furniture. Work together as you sort through ruined or old toys. Then spend some time organizing your outdoor items in your garage or shed. It might seem weird to have an empty yard again, but your family will love starting fresh in the spring.

There are many chores to be done in the fall. Work together with your family to cleanup before winter sets in. Your kids will love spending time with you and you'll get your yard ready for the colder months. And when you're done, share some homemade wassail or warm apple cider together to celebrate your hard work!