Summer Safety Tips

How to stay safe with your kids this summer

summer safety tips

Summer is finally here! The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and the pool is sparkling. Summer is a great time for family, fun, and physical activity. Unfortunately, it can also be a high time for injuries. Before you head out for some fun in the sun, here are four tips to keep your kids safe:

Never leave a child alone in a vehicle

Summer often brings a change in family routine, kids going to grandma’s house instead of school. Maybe a different parent is dropping off the children in the morning. Our brains are designed to fall into a routine- our usual habits. Because of this, it’s extra important to check the back seat before you leave your vehicle.

Every year, dozens of kids die after being left in hot cars; most are accidental. Try leaving your phone, purse, or briefcase in the backseat to ensure you will check before walking away from your car. Never intentionally leave a child in a vehicle, even for a minute. A car will heat up quickly in the summer sun.

Screens keep bugs out but not kids in

As you open windows to let the fresh air into your home, take precautions to prevent window falls. More than 190 children fall from windows each year by climbing on bunk beds, dressers or other furniture placed near windows. Sometimes a child is simply leaning against a screen waving as mom or dad leave.

Move furniture away from windows and provide safe play environments for your children to avoid a serious fall. Supervise children when windows are open in your home and help them understand that screens are designed to keep bugs out — but not kids in. You can also window guards so windows won’t fully open. 

Water - danger at any depth

Nice weather brings water fun, be it swimming, boating or camping in the great outdoors. Remember to always supervise your children around water. Make sure an adult is with them or actively watching them when they swim.

Be especially careful when camping or hiking near a mountain stream or river, and remember that backyard kiddie pools can be a danger to a head-heavy toddler. Always empty kiddie pools after use. Remember, if a child goes missing, check water first. 

Spot the Tot

Many children will be playing in the yard, driveway and streets with warmer weather. They are excited to be outdoors again, and it’s important to be vigilant when leaving home to make sure that children are properly supervised.

On average, a vehicle backs over a child every week in Utah. Remember to walk around your car in driveways and parking lots in order to Spot the Tot and avoid backing over a child. Make this a habit, even if your car has a backup camera. Just 10-15 seconds of caution can save you and others from a lifetime of sorrow.

We hope you have a wonderful, fun and safe summer! For more information about these and other safety topics, visit