Gordon Hayward Dislocates, Fractures Finger


Typically the injury occurs due to a blunt force to the tip of the finger. The blow will force one of the phalanges in that finger out of the joint. The Jazz reported that Hayward dislocated and fractured his finger after getting it tangled in another player’s jersey.

People with dislocated fingers need to seek immediate medical attention even before attempting to “pop” the finger back into place. The physician will then work to place the finger back into its normal position. X-rays are also taken at that time to identify if there is a fracture, which appears to be the case with Hayward.

Symptoms of a dislocation are pain, swelling, difficulty moving the finger, numbness, and a visible deformity.  Treatments include mobilizing the finger combined with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Surgery is needed for extensive damage to the ligaments and tendons.

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