Cool Healthcare Tech at CES 2014


The much anticipated CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) has finally arrived and in glowing fashion. In the mix of consumer electronic technologies such as the latest iPhone cases, wireless headphones, and unreal gaming technologies is the Digital Health Summit.

We bring you some of the cool tech we are seeing at the Digital Health Summit at CES:

Cool Tech #1 Self-health Monitoring: This year is all about wearable devices for self health monitoring, something we are fond of at Intermountain Healthcare. What we really want to know is whether all this great wearable tech will actually help people make better choices, or just serve as another shiny device to play with.

When it comes to these devices there is no shortage of selection, from FitBit to Garmin and the list goes on and on. One has to ask what is the real benefit of monitoring activity levels. Here are a few reason we like the direction of these devices:

  1. More accountability. When you know your activity level, you don't have an excuse to not improve it. The devices we've seen at CES have clear interfaces so you can easily see your activity and measure them against your goals. This is the first step in changing behavior.
  2. Another level of connection with your clinician. You and your clinician can work together to gather data about your health and find a fitness or weight management plan that is right for you and can be actively monitored.
  3. Making activity fun. Whether you are competing with yourself or against friends and loved ones, you benefit from a highly trackable competition. 

Cool Tech #2 Small Form Modular Computing: We at Intermountain think this is one catalyst to help us rethink healthcare computing. We like this approach to computing so much that we partnered with a leader in the area - Xi3 Corporation. We're utilizing their modular machines to power patient rooms, including telehealth interactions. We see this as a way to increase communication between patients and clinicians best suited to help them heal. The Xi3 machines also drive entertainment options on patient room TVs, giving patients more control and creating a healing environment. With their low power usage, low price point, and modular design, Xi3 machines are easier to install and maintain throughout the Intermountain system.

Cool Tech #3 Online Healthcare Service Manager: One of the interesting technologies we saw at CES was a platform for patients to find services, book appointments, and see pricing / billing details. We see this as a valuable asset for patients to find see appointment availability with their preferred providers and pay for services with in a slick interface.

Ultimately, the tech we are seeing is heading in a positive direction for individuals to take more control of their health, which will help keep them out of hospitals and clinics, and help them live healthier, and more active lives.

More to come from CES 2014, so stay tuned!