Looking for innovation in healthcare at CES 2015


We aren't going to CES just to play with cool new tech. We want to see what impact all the new devices and other technology will have on the healthcare industy. At CES 2014 we saw 4K TVs take the stage with incredible picture quality. 4K TVs are not just to be hung over the fireplace at home. They also have the potential to make an impact in telemedicine, providing a clearer picture for patient-physician interactions.

We were also excited by the advances in wearable devices. Our mission is to help patients live the healthiest lives possible. Wearable devices help people take more responsibility for their health. They can also provide information to caregivers. At CES 2015 we expect the industry to have grown and provide new interesting developments. Stay tuned on this topics as we will be covering it heavily live.

We'll analyze other tech we checked out last year to see what improvements have been made. These include augmented reality (Oculus), home health, and 3D printing. We saw Oculus and have some interesting ideas about its impact on healthcare - more to come from CES 2015.

We will be posting several blogs and videos live from CES 2015 as we see new tech that can impact healthcare. Stay tuned and please let us know if there is anything at CES 2015 you would like us to check out while on site.