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Why this is important: A patient loses thousands of brain cells per second during a stroke, so we mean it when we say, “time is brain.” Quickly restoring proper blood flow depends on a neurologist assessing the patient as soon as possible. The Stroke TeleHealth program was implemented across Intermountain to help improve these times. After implementation, the team quickly discovered that the traditional paging process was not ideal, often taking precious minutes and hampering our ability to provide patients with the timely stroke evaluation they needed.

Our IS department partnered with the clinical team and xMatters, an IT company specializing in cloud-based communications, to develop a custom solution. Our enterprise authentication and messaging strategies integrate with xMatters to make the process quick and efficient, enabling us to connect the on-call neurologist with patients in less than three minutes.

Click here to watch a video of this solution in action: https://www.xmatters.com/resource/communication-technology-enhances-stroke-telehealth-service/