The Value of HIMSS to a Healthcare System


The annual HIMSS conference brings together more than 40,000 health IT professionals, vendors, clinicians, and executives from around the world. The opportunity to meet and mingle with the greatest minds in the industry is extremely valuable.

For Intermountain, our attendance is about transforming healthcare by being engaged with the technology that’s always flooding into healthcare. That engagement allows us to stay ahead of the curve and select the most appropriate technologies that will best serve our patients and clinicians. “We’re hear to share in the discussions that are shaping healthcare,” says Marc Probst, CIO and Vice President. “We understand the value of collaboration in Health IT. HIMSS gives us the opportunity to talk with others and discover possible partners, and in turn helps us help our clinicians and patients.”

Technology underpins Intermountain’s fundamentals—safety, quality, patient experience, access, and stewardship. Though no technology is a panacea to any of these areas or their inherent challenges, at Intermountain, we recognize that technology will continue to let us aspire toward extraordinary care at sustainable costs.

Our HIMSS booth also allows us to participate in the larger Health IT community. Our executives are nationally respected thought leaders, whose expertise and ideas are sought after by other influencers and healthcare media. Our booth provides us a space to participate in valuable conversations that contribute to the future of healthcare and to collect the stories of others on similar journeys in our Healthy Dialogues Studio. We also get to highlight some of the great areas in which we’re innovating, including precision medicine, our business development areas (Intermountain Innovations), and our work toward empathy-based innovation, which takes into account the task that needs completed, who completes it, and the environment in which it is completed.

The future of healthcare will involve massive collaboration and discussion that centers on the patient experience. Being ready to incorporate the right technologies, at the right time, will be a large part of making that experience the best possible.