Protect Healthcare Access for Children


The editorial, which was published in the Salt Lake Tribune last week, addressed the concerns that Medicaid cuts could have significant impact among segments of the population.

As the healthcare replacement bill was passed through the House of Representatives last week, and now awaits the Senate, the concern has been that the cuts would hit a major group of beneficiaries – children.

“Unfortunately, in the current debate about the AHCA and possible revisions to Medicaid, almost nobody is talking about the 30 million children covered by Medicaid and the disproportionate negative impact on children from Medicaid cuts,” from the editorial. “Here in Utah, children are 59 percent of Medicaid’s beneficiaries but the children’s category makes up only 31 percent of Utah Medicaid expenditures.”

The covered number also does not include children who are designated as disabled - which when added bumps that number up to 66 percent of those enrolled in Medicaid programs as youth and adolescents. Dr. Harrison and Welkie put out a call to action for government leaders to start speaking out on children’s access to healthcare and examine the repercussions a replacement bill could have on them.

“In making choices about the allocation of healthcare funding, it is critical we don’t lose sight of our children and youth,” from the editorial.

You can read the entire editorial at Salt Lake Tribune’s website.