Advisory Board Features the Vision of Intermountain and Dr. Harrison


In the publication’s article, they wrote about the personal side of Dr. Harrison, including what led him to his career. His father preceded him as a physician, and it was through his father’s commitment to helping everyone equally that inspired him to serve others.

Dr. Harrison became a pediatrician and completed his residency at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

“I went into pediatrics for two reasons,” Dr. Harrison was quoted in the article. “One, I love the pediatricians and the nurses; they’re totally mission-oriented, and they’re just great people. And the other is I wanted to be able to advocate politically for a systematically underserved population – kids.”

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In the article, Dr. Harrison talked about his tenure with Cleveland Clinic, starting the Abu Dhabi hospital, and his own patient experience as he battled bladder cancer. Also, his thoughts when the opportunity to lead Intermountain developed.

“The thing that attracted me back to Intermountain was its commitment to taking care of everybody without regard for their ability to pay and to make a difference for a group of people who don’t get the attention they deserve. And I wanted to work with really mission-oriented people,” Dr. Harrison said in the article.

The future of Intermountain was discussed at length and included Dr. Harrison illustrating about the need to build toward being the “Tesla” of healthcare. The entire article can be read at The Advisory Board