Tele-Critical Care Saving Lives and Lowering Costs

By Brad Gillman

Can wiring two groups of doctors hundreds of miles away work to save lives? mHealth Intelligence, an online mobile health news provider, looked at how Intermountain embraced telehealth to link rural communities to better care. The article features William Beninati, MD, Intermountain’s medical director for Critical Care Telehealth.

Swimming and Ear Tubes

By Breklyn Morgan

When your child gets ear tubes put in, you expect relief – no more ear infections, drainage or pain. “Ear tubes are designed to equalize ear pressure, prevent fluid from accumulating in the ears, and likely reduce or eliminate ear infections,” states Salt Lake Clinic Otolaryngologist Dr. Todd Child. However, in some cases children experience pain during swimming and pressure changes even after having tubes. “Issues post-ear tubes seem to be more common with older kids rather than toddlers,” he adds.