Post-Partum Support Class


The Post-Partum Support Classes at McKay-Dee Hospital are 1-2 hours each. Babies in arms, mothers, fathers, and support partners, are welcome to attend. Parents may attend during pregnancy or at any time after their baby's birth. These classes are free and are made possible by the McKay Dee Hospital Foundation Teen Parent program, however, new parents of all ages are welcome to attend. Each class will have a topic of discussion presented by a specialized health care provider for the first 45 minutes of the class. The last section of the class is open for discussion and questions for any post-partum topics you would like to address. Please register for each class you would like to participate in so we can plan on you're attendance. 


Healthy Relationships - January 21, 2020
In this class, we will identify relationship cues that are both healthy and unhealthy, and how to respond to them.  This information is based on the program “Love is Respect”.  Resources will be given in class to continue support of this important topic.


Health Topics Part 1 & 2 - February 20, 2020
This is a make-up class for teenage parents in the high schools participating in the Teen Parent program. Contact Melissa Schmidt at or by phone at 801-387-4358 to register, or for more information. 


The Power of Play - March 23, 2020 
This is a fun topic to help you learn, and practice fun activities you can do with your child to help stimulate their growth and development in their first few years of life. 


Infant Massage & Bonding - April 22, 2020
In this class you will learn specific techniques for massaging your infant or young child.  Please only bring infants under 6 months of age to this class.  If your child is older, than 6 months, please bring a doll to practice with.


Stress Management - May 20, 2020
This class will help you identify the common stresses of parenting and learn specific methods to help with releasing this stress.  A guided meditation will be done at the end of this class, and those with active babies, may opt to bring someone who can help them during this part.


Community Resources for Young Parents - June 23, 2020
This class will introduce you to a variety of resources available in this area for young parents to utilize to help them in their first few years of parenting.  There are many programs available to help parents get off to a great start.


Night Feeding Tips & Introducing Solid Foods - July 23, 2020
In this class we will discuss tips for night-time feedings to help mothers and babies get rest. We will also talk about introducing solid foods and watching for interactions, food sensitivities, and balancing with breastfeeding. This class is taught by a Lactation Registered Nurse. 


Nutrition Post-Partum - August 19, 2020
In this class we will discuss how to make optimal food choices for young mothers for the first year after birth for health, energy, and feeling good. We will also discuss foods that help with keeping milk supply up while breastfeeding. 


Breastfeeding Dilemmas - September 24, 2020
In this class we will discuss common dilemmas breastfeeding mothers face after the first month of breastfeeding and how to overcome them. This class is taught by a Lactation Registered Nurse. 


Post-Partum Yoga with Baby's - October 20, 2020
In this class we will do easy yoga poses that include mother and baby interaction. Mother's strengthen their bodies while babies enjoy the poses right along with mom. Please bring your own yoga mat and/or towel/blanket for this fun exercise class. This is for mothers with babies up to 4 months of age. You may also attend without a baby or bring a baby doll to practice with. 


When to Call the Doctor - November 19, 2020
In this class, we will discuss general signs and symptoms to watch for that may indicate sickness with your infant or child up to 1 year.  We will demonstrate how to navigate the resource, “Kids Health for Parents” to share this good resource from Primary Children’s Hospital.


Growth & Discipline December 17, 2020
In this class we will share fun ways to bond with your child and encourage happy interactions in the first 3 years of life. The information shared will be tools from the curriculum "Parenting with Love and Logic," and "1-2-3 Magic". 

Event Contact Information
Contact Name McKay-Dee Hospital Childbirth Education
Contact Phone 801-387-4358
Registration Information

This class is free of charge but please register for each class you would like to participate in so we can plan on you're attendance.