Move Well


Before entering any Move Well Class, a one-time $50 Functional Fitness Assessment is required.

Call the LiVe Well Center to schedule your assessment.


These classes feature a variety of exercises aimed at improving range of motion, aerobic conditioning, and muscle strength while reducing pain. Classes place an emphasis on spine and joint protection through low impact exercises. These classes are appropriate for individuals attempting to avoid joint surgery, preparing for surgery, or recovering from surgery and who have been cleared by their physician to participate in exercise.

LiVe Fit
This class helps adults improve their fitness level to complete daily activities, sports and hobbies with ease. Participants work individually using exercise prescriptions targeted at building muscular endurance and strength, balance, and aerobic fitness as appropriate for each client. Emphasis is placed on performing activities with good form to maximize results and reduce the risk for injuries. Participants should be at a lower risk for falls, ambulatory without assistive devices, able to stand for a 5-10-minute dynamic warm-up, and capable of learning and independently performing a variety of exercises as outlined in a printed exercise prescription.

This class provides a structured exercise program to develop multiple aspects of physical performance in individuals with an established level of fitness. These group classes focus on building strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and improving skill in basic motor patterns. LiVe Fit Plus classes differ from LiVe Fit classes in that the format is generally more intense and requires a higher level of fitness, without existing orthopedic conditions that may limit participation in the group workout format. Enrollment in the class is determined by a fitness assessment and a review of health history.

Build Me Up
This class is appropriate for individuals with mobility challenges and who may be using mobility devices like canes and walkers. The class incorporates seated resistance exercises to help build muscle strength and endurance, with the goal to help participants perform activities of daily living with greater ease. To participate in the class, participants need to be able to follow verbal and visual instructions for how to perform the exercises.

Balance & Mobility
This specialized program, based on the principles of the FallProof™ balance and mobility program, has proven to be effective in reducing fall risk among older adults identified at moderate-to-high risk for falls. The classes promote functional independence by providing a structured and progressive program of activities designed to address the factors that contribute to good balance and mobility. Participants can improve seated and standing posture, improve walking ability, learn strategies to recover from a loss of balance, and increase confidence in completing activities of daily living. Activities are modified to safely challenge the individual capabilities of each participant.

Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts may typically be used with a physician’s letter of medical necessity*
*Check with your HSA or FSA plan administrator

Price: Full Month $70

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