Sansego LiVe Well Experience


The Sansego Experience is not your average training camp. You’ll have the opportunity to train in one of the most breathtaking regions in North America with the personal guidance of five-time Ironman and 70.3 World Champion Craig Alexander and his team of world-class coaches.

The weekend is packed full of seminars and highly valuable presentations that will help you perform at the next level, both on and off the race course! In addition to the unforgettable training sessions and education, our partnership with the LiVe Well Center allows athletes to tap into one of the world’s most respected medical doctor/endurance coaches, Dr. Max Testa. Dr. Testa and the LiVe Well Center offer a broad range of wellness services that will be available to athletes during this Sansego Experience.

This experience goes beyond triathlon and focuses on integrating the sport into life, becoming a great athlete and person. Leaving no stone unturned in your pursuit of optimal performance and optimal life.


May 30 - June 2, 2019


LiVe Well Center – Park City
900 Round Valley Drive
Park City, UT 84060 


  • Train with Crowie and the Sansego coaches in incredible, breathtaking scenery. 
  • Personalized, one-on-one feedback on swim technique, bike position, and run form.
  • Workouts designed for all levels of athletes with SAG support.
  • Interactive group workshop and educations sessions focused on season planning, nutrition and strength training, bike setup, etc.
  • Practical bike handling skills, transition workshops, Crowie’s renowned core workout techniques, etc.
  • Access to Dr. Max Testa and the LiVe Well Center performance staff for a variety of valuable services.
  • Q&A time with Crowie and Dr. Max Testa to answer any and all your training questions.
  • Post camp resources that include season planning tools, race analysis and technique drills utilized by the Sansego coaches.
  • Swag package from the Sansego sponsors including a 3-month free subscription to the Sansego Club online community ($105 value) with significant sponsor discounts.

Coaching Staff:

  • Craig Alexander - 5x Ironman and 70.3 World Champion and Legend
  • Frank Jakobson - Sansego Lead Coach Europe
  • Ben Griffin - Sansego Lead Coach Australia
  • Dr. Max Testa - World-Renowned Medical Doctor/High Performance coach

Pricing: $1299 (Early bird discount available)

  • Regular Cost: $1299
  • Earlier bird discount: $1149

Additional Information:

  • Includes: All seminars, supported training sessions, food/drink, and continued access via a membership to the Sansego training community

  • Does Not Include: Airfare, accommodations* and ground transportation.

    *We offer our discounted rates at select properties in Park City.

Event Contact Information
Contact Name LiVe Well Center
Contact Phone (435) 333-3535
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Registration Information

Early bird discount offered.

Dates and Locations Available

Date 05/30/19 - 06/02/19
Time 12:00:00 PM - 2:00:00 PM
LiVe Well Center - Park City

Learn More About Craig

Craig Alexander

Craig (Crowie) Alexander

After years of dominating Olympic distance non-drafting and half iron distance races, Crowie won the inaugural 70.3 Ironman World Championship in 2006.  Then, in 2008, he claimed the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship for the first time and became one of only a select few to win back-to-back when he won it again in 2009; confirming his triathlon status as “Alexander the Great”.

In 2011, Crowie achieved what no other man in the history of Triathlon was able to: he won both the Half Ironman and Ironman World Championships in the same year. By winning his third Hawaiian Ironman World Championship he also claimed a new world champs record time as the oldest male (38) to ever win the ‘hardest single day in sport.’ A new “King of Kona” was crowned.

Craig was humbled when Ironman legend and six-time World Champion Dave Scott lauded him as “The first true men’s champion the sport has seen in years.”

At the core of Crowie’s success and achievements is an appreciation index that’s thankful for every breath and a self-assured humility that has been forged in the foundry of bloody hard work. Crowie is known for his humble attitude and he combines this with a firm love for sport and the lifestyle it affords his family.

Crowie is also a tertiary qualified physiotherapist, media contributor, professional speaker, former bar tender, waiter, laborer and ‘net learner’. He’s an avid fan of many sports, including his first love of soccer, and he has a ‘Rain Man’ like ability to recall obscure statistics and famous plays.

The most important thing to Craig is family. He is beyond proud of his wife (and the love of his life) Nerida, and his three amazing kids, Lucy, Austin and Lani. Everything Craig does starts and ends at home with his family. Crowie’s won a lot of titles over the years but the one he likes best is ‘Daddy’.

In 2015, Crowie approached his core network of long-time coaches, advisors and training partners and formed ‘Sansego’, a coaching group that helps athletes see the path to success clearly and ‘without ego’, a philosophy that was a core principal to Crowie’s success and hundreds of Sansego coached athletes around the globe.  Sansego offers training experiences around the world.