LiVe Fit


This Move Well class helps you improve your fitness level so you can  complete daily activities, sports, and hobbies with ease. After a group warm-up, you’ll work individually using your customized exercise prescription. The class focuses on building muscular endurance and strength, balance, and aerobic fitness. Emphasis is placed on performing activities with good form to maximize results and reduce the risk for injuries. 

To participate in this class, you should be ambulatory without assistive devices, at a lower risk for falls, and able to stand for a 5-10-minute dynamic warm-up, and capable of learning and independently performing a variety of exercises as outlined in a printed exercise prescription.


Utah Valley Hospital LiVe Well Center
395 W. Cougar Blvd., 4th Floor Utah Valley Clinic 
Provo, UT 84604

Event Contact Information
Contact Name Utah Valley Hospital LiVe Well Center
Contact Phone (801) 357-4141
Registration Information

Two 60-minute classes per week taught by an exercise therapist for just $70/month. Please call to sign up.


A one-time $50 Functional Fitness Assessment is required prior to this class.